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A Committed Restaurant


Commitment to our suppliers

Reduction of garbage and wastage

Social and cultural Commitment 

Cause the place is important, but drinks and food are the reason we always come back, we attached since the beginning a particular importance to respect social values. Greeting everyone and anticipating your demands is part of the Delta DNA. That is the reason why our chef designed a menu with vegan, organic or gluten free options ...

Every supplier we collaborate with was based on a human encounter and proximity. Composing with high quality products for you and for our planet is essential to us. Having a story behind every dish, every cocktail and wine, is sharing what we love, and a way to invite you to join our vision. 

Our commitments 

Developing short distribution circuits and responsible purchases 

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Respect the environnement and its biodiversity 

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Promoting job security and the workplace wellness

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Facilitate equality and diversity

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Encourage dialog

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